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The purpose of NRail is to promote N Scale model railroading in all forms, all standards wherever N Scale is present.  NRail has been the voice of N Scale model railroading for over 45 years.  Starting as NTRAK, it created the first national modular standard, provided the vehicle for N Scale to grow to the second most popular scale in North America, was the birthplace of T-TRAK and today is the home of N Scale model railroading.  We welcome all N scalers

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Membership in NRail includes:

    • One year of the Newsletter (6 issues).
    • Monthly ZoomTRAK live broadcasts.
    • Support of the National N Scale layouts at major shows.
    • Access to the Members Only section of (including over 270 issues of the Newsletter).
    • Discount on merchandise in the NRail store.



Over the years the organization has created a number of  documents covering most of the N Scale standards for modular railroading.  While the organization promotes all of the standards, involvement by NRail in each standard varies, based on a number of factors. More information including an introduction to each standard is available on our N Scale Modular Standards page.


The organization has been publishing documents for N scalers for well over 40 years. This includes the original NTRAK standards, the T-TRAK standards and more.  With the rise of electronic publishing, many documents are now being offered through Amazon in Kindle format.  A complete list of the documents is available at Publications.

What is NRail?

In 1974, Jim FitzGerald started publishing a newsletter with the intent of establishing communications with the N scale community about new ideas and about N scale. That newsletter became the NTRAK Newsletter and in 1994, NTRAK became a formal organization with incorporation. In 2000, T-TRAK was born and introduced through The NTRAK Newsletter which continued to be a communications channel for the N scale community.

Today, N scale is the second most popular scale in the North America and the Newsletter continues to be a communications channel for N scale. The purpose of NRail is to promote N scale in all forms, all standards in many different environments at many different displays.

Membership in NRail supports N Scale and provides the communications channel on which N Scalers have come to rely over the years.


NRail is looking for people to help represent us at shows.  This entails taking some time to talk to the audience about NRail.  We can supply brochures to hand out.  "So", you say, "why am I not recruiting for my local club?"  Good question.  Sometimes people aren't ready to join a club or might think a local club is too expensive.  Well, if they join NRail, they are now getting into the N Scale modular railroading loop and that increases the chances of them joining your club at a later date.

And, we are always looking for reporters to help us with material for the Newsletter.  We are very lucky to have an excellent editor but acquiring material is a big job, especially as NRail continues to grow.

If you would like to make a donation, either general or for a specific purpose, please click  HERE!

NRail is a 501(c)(3) IRS recognized non-profit.

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