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Terry Nathan Memorial Special Run Micro-Trains Car

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Terry Nathan Memorial Car: Terry was born in Brenham, TX and grew up in Memphis, TN. He attended the University of Texas earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Terry provided computer consulting services for small business and owned a chain of software rental stores called Floppy Joes. He became the parish administrator of a downtown Austin, TX church, a post which held for over 10 years. Terry's interest in model railroading led him to creating T-Kits, a company that built kits for T-TRAK modules. Terry's aim was to help the modeler get started, and he not only produced kits but also did assembly and customer work for N-scalers who wanted to get a T-TRAK layout up and running. Terry pushed for the publication of standards and recommended practices and eagerly joined the NTRAK Advisors group representing small cottage industry manufacturers. He also worked tirelessly in promoting T-TRAK through shows, publications and any other way that he could. Terry's efforts contributed directly to the rapid growth and popularity of T-TRAK. He will be sorely missed. This model was produced by Micro-Trains Line Co.

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