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This year, the National N-Scale Convention returns to the West, and we expect to have layout in all three major module formats at the convention. 

If you want to bring a T-TRAK module to the convention, please follow our registration link for modules.  Once you are signed up, we will be updating you with information on the convention, convention hotel information and T-TRAK layout information.

Please take a moment to collect the information required for registration.  If you are bringing multiple modules, you can either register multiple times, or attach a spreadsheet with the module information.  That includes type of module, dimensions, placement requirements, power information, and anything else that can help with placing your module in the layout.

Clubs, please note that only one registration is required.  The primary regrant information in the form should be for the club layout coordinator.  A separate spreadsheet with module information can be upload to the registration form, along with other pertinent information.  Please also upload a spreadsheet with information on club members who will be working the layout and bringing module.  Use the form as a guide for the required information. 

If you have any questions or want to bring a module that is not T-TRAK, contact

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