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The N Scale Information Book


Rreplacement for the "N Info Booklet" is an 8-1/2" x 11". Chapters include N Basics, Planning a Layout, Building a Layout, Tips and Tracks and a chapter on Early N equipment. 40 Pages.

 1. N Basics

  • N Gauge or N Scale ?

  • Choosing Track Size

  • N Diesel Engines

  • N Steam Engines

  • The Latest Trends in N Scale

  • A Brief Timeline for Car & Engine Developments

  • Some N Scale Basics

  • Choosing a Control System

  • Cleanliness For Reliable Operation

  • Adding the Dimension of Sound

2. Planning the Layout

  • Making the Most of N Scale

  • Stress Free Operation

  • Planning the Layout

  • Fitting It All In

  • Switching Game Module

  • THE small LAYOUT

  • N Steam Locomotive Information Book

  • East Dubuque & Galena Layout Update

  • A Sectional Layout for a Small Room

  • Shelf Layouts

  • T-TRAK-N Scale Modules

3. Building the Layout

  • Basic Bench Work

  • NTRAK Table Construction

4. Tips and Tracks

  • Handy Tips and Stuff

  • Soldering Tips

  • Track Laying Ideas

  • Solving Turnout Problems

  • Donít Bake Your Turnouts !

  • Sidings and Yards

5. Early N Scale

  • Using Old N Engines and Cars

  • Engine Basics

  • Roofwalks and Weathering

  • Ratings of Early N Locomotives


I just picked up my copy and can happily report that the 2006 edition is a significant upgrade, filled with current information - well worth the cost!



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