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Throttles for Home & NTRAK

Throttles for Home & NTRAK describes how to build simple state of the art throttles for N scale. Other subjects include: using DCC on NTRAK layouts; using meters; slowing blocks; power supplies; and how to operate NTRAK layouts.


  • Transistor Throttles for N Scale

  • Throttles for NTRAK

  • Controlling NTRAK Layouts

  • Controlling Your Home Layout

  • Meters for Your Layout

  • Adding Meters

  • Control Panel Ideas

  • Home Throttle & Control Panel

  • 120 V AC Wiring

  • Powerpole Connectors

  • Soldering Tips

  • Train Slowing Block

  • The Simple Throttle (Several variations presented)

  • Another Easy Throttle

  • The AristoCraft Radio Throttle

  • The NTRAK Train Detector System

  • Commercial Power Supplies

  • Starting Realistic Operations



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