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Basic Electronics for N Scalers

by Robert Kendall, C.E.T.

Basic Electronics for N Scalers is based on the "Electronic Shop" articles from past issues of the The NTRAK Newsletter. This Booklet covers basic electronics and electricity and their application to model railroading. It is kept as basic as possible and is for the person who is "into" model railroading, but isn't "into" electronics. The material has been rearranged and some gaps were filled in. It is a rather complete primer on electronics for the model railroader. 40 pages plus cover.


  • Tools

  • Ohms Law

  • Components

  • Soldering

  • Projects

  • Substituting Components

  • Wire

  • Transformers & Power Supplies

  • Odds N Ends

  • References

  • Sources for Electronic Parts

  • Index

  • Electronic Symbols

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