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What is NTRAK?

A group of people who support N scale modular railroading

A newsletter

A modular standard

NTRAK policy on commercialism 

What are NTRAK Modules? 

NTRAK Modules are tables that "C" clamp together to form large N scale train layouts at conventions, shopping malls, club rooms, and as home layouts.  The basic module is two feet wide, four feet long, and 40" high.  There are adjustment bolts in the legs with a two inch adjustment range. The three tracks are common to all modules  and the same electrical connectors are used on all modules.  This makes setting up layouts a quick job.  There are optional sizes and track locations to give a great deal of flexibility to the system. Specifications for the modules are covered in detail in the 20 page "NTRAK Module Manual" and in the 100+ page "The NTRAK Module 'How-to' Book".  These and other books on N scale modeling are available from the NTRAK Store.


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